Ailis guarantees that the product is free from any manufacturing defect.
If any manufacturing defect is found, a request may be made for the product or one of its parts to be repaired or replaced free of charge within 5 years by the date set for the guarantee to come into force, when:

  • the product deformity is reported within two months of its discovery;
  • the defect is acknowledged as such by Ailis or a Retailer.

The guarantee is not valid if:

  • installation is not in conformity with the regulations governing the product, or with the instructions for installation, use and maintenance of the product
  • use is made of materials and spare parts which are not original, or consumables which are inappropriate
  • damage caused by authorized technical personnel
  • electrical systems not in compliance with current sector regulations
  • improper or negligent use of the product
  • damage caused by accidents or for reasons of Act of God, such as: lightning, floods, fires, or resulting from environmental, climatic or any other conditions affecting the product
  • damage caused by transport and/or movement

Ailis shall not be liable for damages that may be suffered, directly or indirectly, by individuals, animals and property as a result of breach of observance of the instructions or regulations applicable to the installation, use and maintenance of the product, or for damages resulting from any interruptions in operation of the product.

Excluded from the guarantee are consumables or items subject to normal wear and tear, such as, by way of example: batteries, light sources, gaskets.

Any other conditions and terms agreed by contract with individuals other than consumers (ie. professional users) shall take precedence over these conditions, apart from compulsory regulations in this respect laid down by law.