ce-marking-logo F-flammable-mounting Class_2

Dimensions (millimiters)

L 1430
W 150
H 12

ZENestesia takes life from the creative mind of Imnobody Design, a group of graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona (Design School), under the art direction and concept management of Prof. Sotirios Papadopoulos. The result is a lighting and sensorial project, which includes a “contamination” of the senses in perception. ZENestesia, a collection of “senses” and is aimed to a specific goal, create something really new in the panorama of Italian design. The combination “active” vision with the sense of smell and hearing. Light lifting his “voice” and you “feel”, “smell” and “see” through the synergies built with chemical and pharmaceutical companies leaders in their field. Ingredients such as Photoluminescence, the Fragrance and Music, at the discretion of the customer, accompany the purchase of the lighting body and create “atmosphere” never experienced before. Exceed your limits once reached, is the moto of ‘Imnobody Design Group “

65° FWHM

UNI EN 12464-1-2 UGR < 16-18
CEI EN 60598-1 CEI EN62031
CEI EN 62471
CEI EN 55015
CEI EN61547
CEI EN 61000 -3-2 CEI EN 61000-3-3 CEI EN50581-2012

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